Top 8 Best Dog Toys For Diggers

Understanding the best dog toys for diggers can greatly improve your pet’s happiness and health. Dogs often dig out of boredom or excess energy; having the right toys can direct this instinct in a positive, non-destructive way. Find out the Top 8 Best Dog Toys For Diggers options in our guide.

Our Suggested Toys

Outward Hound Zip & Zoom
Outdoor Dog Agility Training Kit
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Tennis Maze Craze
Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy
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Snuffle Mat
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Snuffle Mat
Dog Sniffing Interactive Feeding Game
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TRIXIE Flip Board
Strategy Game, Intermediate Dog Puzzle Toy
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Snuffle Mat
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NO Activity Matz
Garden Game Plush Dog Puzzle Mat
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iDig Stay
Digging Toy
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1. Outward Hound Zip & Zoom Outdoor Dog Agility Training Kit


Outdoor physical exercise

Convenient and portable

For beginners to dog agility

Made in China

Editor Rating: 9.5/10

Detailed Overview

Ideal for an energetic stint outdoors, this agility training kit becomes an instant favorite, particularly for young pups dipping their paws into obstacle training for the first time. This toy can definitely distract your dogs that like to dig. 

My Yorkie loves this toy and it sure gets him running around chasing the lure. The rope is a perfect length and the teaser is easy to manipulate to get your dog chasing it. I like to keep it just out of reach, then let him “catch” the lure once in a while.

My only complaint is that the Tail Teasers are very easy for the dog to tear, and when that happens, the squeaker and the rattle can come right out. And if you’re not watching closely, the dog can grab those pieces in its mouth.

I’ve learned to get creative and put the pieces back in the tail and bind the tear to help make the toy last longer. I also try to avoid letting our aggressive-chewing girlie pull too hard against the line, when I’m going in the opposite direction. If you have a large dog who likes to be lifted by something it has in its mouth, this will probably rip on the first day, so I don’t recommend doing that at all!

The tail is fairly easy to replace. You just may need something to help loosen the knot that forms, at the end of the wand line, to keep it in place.  It is easy to move up or down as my wild child learns to jump higher.

The tunnel is the perfect size, and would have held up well. It is very easy to put together or take down, so one can easily travel around with it to friends’ homes, or parks, etc. Great value for the money!

Overall, I truly believe this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. You and your dog can get hours and hours of fun for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this toy for anyone who has a puppy (or an adult dog that still has lots of energy and enjoys playing with toys). Moreover, this toy significantly decreases dogs’ digging behavior. Top 8 Best Dog Toys For Diggers

Does digging make dogs happy?

What I Like

Easy to set up, easy to put away

The rope is coated so it won’t scratch the dog (or you) if it gets wrapped around a leg or arm.

Extremely durable

What I Don’t Like

The jump ring can fall apart

The additional lures are very flimsy

2. Tennis Maze Craze Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy


Squeaky Dog Toy

Indoor & outdoor use

Made in China

Editor Rating: 9/10

Detailed Overview

Being a pet owner, I appreciate the value of ensuring our four-legged family members stay active and mentally challenged. The Tennis Maze Craze Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy from Outward Hound has been a transformative addition to our toy collection.

My dog and I have tried a whole host of tennis balls, but these are likely the best we’ve come across. I’m not claiming they’re indestructible, but if you have a large dog that enjoys showing off its chewing prowess and is full of energy, these should serve you longer than other options.

I packed a bunch of toys into the Tennis Maze and it kept my puppy entertained until he got every last item out! Despite his penchant for heavy chewing, this toy made from a mix of rubber and plastic has held up remarkably well. The balls have a lively bounce, the squeak alters between high and low pitches depending on how the toy is held, and the overall quality is impressive. They’re not too heavy, so their bounce doesn’t harm my dog. Moreover, they outlast other name-brand squeaky balls and they’re more affordable without compromising on appearance or feel.

Whenever we head out for a play session, these are his favorite toys. So far, they’re still in good condition. The logo does fade with time, but that’s expected considering the number of times we play fetch.

To wrap it up, my experience with the Outward Hound Tennis Maze Craze Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy has been overwhelmingly positive. The toy’s durability, interactive design, and the delight it provides our dog truly set it apart. For pet parents looking for a toy that’s sure to engage their dog, stimulate their natural instincts and distract them from digging, this one is a top pick.

What I Like

This is the perfect size for dogs, and it doesn’t pose a choking hazard.

Lightweight enough that  it doesn’t hurt your dog

The fairly low price


What I Don’t Like

The rubber is very hard and breaks easily



Foraging for Food

Upcycled Materials

Perfect for All Dogs

Slow Feeding Mat

Made in China

Editor Rating: 8.5/10

Detailed Overview

This snuffle mat is very nice! My dogs really enjoy it. It comes with various pockets to tuck away treats and is quite big. The only part I wasn’t a fan of was how the mat would scrunch up and flip when my dogs pressed their noses against it, even on the carpet. It does have a grip on the back to stop it from sliding, but it doesn’t seem to stop it from shifting around.

I fill the mat with regular food, and it can hold almost a full meal for my dogs – a Yorkie and a German Shepherd. They typically rush to the “cup” sections first, since it’s straightforward to get food from there, even when I’ve packed the fabric over the food. The “grassy” compartment is also a simple find for them, and they can easily nab the food without disturbing the fabric pieces.

It took them some attempts to get the hang of the “booklet” flaps, but now they’re pros at sniffing out food from there. The “pockets” and “flowers” are the last stops on their meal tour, visited only after all the other food has been eaten.

Just once, my Yorkie gnawed on a piece of fabric on the mat. He was having a bit of a tough time with one of the flowers and started to chew on the material. I caught this immediately and took away the mat. This hasn’t happened again. There were also one or two instances where he decided to simply lift the mat and shake the food out. Again, I took the mat away when this happened and he hasn’t done it since.

I’ve owned this mat for more than a month. It stays on the floor for most of the day, and I fill it with food during mealtimes. If they’re hungry, they’ll start sniffing for food. Otherwise, they don’t bother with it. They do have a regular food bowl as well, but they seem to prefer eating from the sniffle mat.

Considering its price, I’d say this mat is a great purchase, especially for dogs bred for work who like a good puzzle. You need to supervise them initially, ensure that the mat is filled with food before they can reach it, and remove it if they start to chew or shake it. However, once they get the idea, they’ll absolutely adore it.

In conclusion, this sniff mat is great for what it’s meant to be – an additional toy in your dog’s repertoire.For dog owners searching for the best toys to cater to their furry friend’s digging instincts, this agility set stands out as a commendable choice. It’s not intended to replace all other toys, but rather to serve as an engaging diversion for them for a while. It does come with a grippy bottom, which is a nice touch. However, if your dog decides to nudge it around with their paws or nose and lift it, don’t be surprised – it’s all part of the sniffing game and doesn’t reflect a flaw in the mat itself.

How do you entertain a dog that likes to dig?

What I Like

Grippy bottom

The fabric is thick and relatively durable


Anti-slip backing

What I Don’t Like

The non-skid backing has black sticky stuff that can stain any surface that it touches.

Dogs can chew holes in the felt material to get to the treats

4. Snuffle Mat


2 extra suction cups

Non-slip cloth

The main fabric of the scent pad is felt cloth

Foraging for food

Editor Rating: 8.5/10

Detailed Overview

Indeed, Rundik’s Snuffle Mat has injected a dash of fun and challenge into our pet’s life. More than a mat, it’s a labyrinth of joy for our furry friend – a catalyst for transforming snack time.

Since the first time my Yorkie tried this, he has been obsessed with it. If you use it correctly, your dog can really benefit from this type of enrichment activity. Within 10 min after sniffing, he’s sleeping! It’s a great tool to calm your energetic or anxious dog.

 I’ve used a light weight snuffle mat and my dogs just picked it up and flipped it over to get to the food. This one is heavier and stays in place pretty well. It’s also big enough that my dogs have space to stand with a paw or two on the mat to hold it down. It holds 1 ½ cups of food no problem. An added bonus is the edge guard, which traps food from falling out of the mat, making it a treat for us too – less mess to clean up!

It’s a good product, but the suction cups don’t work on smooth, finished hardwood floors. It would have been better if the snaffle bits were longer. My dog, however, has no complaints, and it definitely slows down his eating.

In sum, the Rundik Snuffle Mat has been a joyful ride for our canine companion. It serves as an exercise for their mind and body, amplifies the fun during treat times, and is now an integral element in our daily regimen. My dogs will no longer want to dig outside anymore.

What I Like

Safe to use and warranty

The fibers being close does hide the kibble well

What I Don’t Like

Cups sometimes do not work

Since the fibers are so close together, my dog can’t pick up the kibble without also getting the fibers in his mouth

The washer was not able to spin all of the water out of it

5. TRIXIE Flip Board Strategy Game


BPA-Free and Lead-Free

Interactive dog toys

Suitable for small dogs

Non-slip rubber base

Made in China

Editor Rating: 8/10

Detailed Overview

This toy was recommended for use by a veterinarian. Engaging and fun – my dog loves it. It’s basically like a spinny slot machine for dogs. You shouldn’t have to worry about your pet getting bored as long as you only do this once in a while.

I wouldn’t leave my dog alone with this, but it seems pretty sturdy for use by smaller dogs. A large dog may knock it over when they paw at it. It took a while for my dogs to figure it out. First they were spooked by the turning cylinders, but once they saw the treats falling, they quickly overcame that. Comes with 2 caps. One with a smaller hole that increases the challenge and one with a large hole for larger treats.

You’ll need to use smaller kibble/ treats since the holes aren’t too big. As far as I know it has no suction and didn’t come with suction cups so I’ve had to put my foot on the platform to keep it still while she spins the bottles. The lids are made of pretty soft plastic so really any dog could chew it off or mangle it up but it’s fine if you watch it, and remind them how to get the treats out. 

Overall, aside from not having suction, I’d say it’s a good spend and was worth it. 

What is the best stuff to stop dogs from digging?

What I Like

Easy to put together

The sliders and pegs are very easy

What I Don’t Like

Any dog could chew off the soft plastic lids.

6. AWOOF Snuffle Mat


High quality, non-toxic, durable and odorless

Thick cotton thread will not tear easily

Interactive Dog Puzzle Toys

Made in China

Editor Rating: 8/10

Detailed Overview

My puppy needed something that would both entertain him and stimulate his mind and I can say this toy does both in spades.

This toy gives my puppy so much fun – there are so many places that I hide little chunks (sometimes crumbs) of dog biscuits.The Snuffle Mat features a plethora of compartments where goodies can be concealed. My dog adores this feature, relishing the challenge of sniffing out all the hidden treats. Interestingly, he was never a biscuit enthusiast, but when they’re cleverly hidden within the myriad hiding spots, he can’t resist. The best part is that you only need a tiny amount of treats. Just crumble them into micro pieces and tuck them away in every corner.

This Snuffle Mat has been great at keeping my dog busy and out of trouble. It’s durable but not indestructible, he has torn off small parts of the hiding spots on the sides, but it’s not a big problem. There are still many places to hide things and my Yorkie absolutely loves it. It’s very easy to clean by just putting it in the washing machine and it’s easy to store away when not in use.

The mat has 4 layers of orange petals that can hide large chunks of food easily. Outer ring of the rich and messy grass suitable for small size of food. 

Durability in the long run is based on your dog as it was hard for my German Shepherd to get the treats in the right triangle pockets so he ripped the fabric up to get them while my Yorki really enjoys playing with it. I can still use the pockets but they just are more ripped open now. The rest of the mat is still in good shape.The only thing I did not like was that my dog was able to chew up a small piece of the fabric. So if your dog is a chewer keep a close eye on them.

Overall, I feel like the money was well spent. My dogs really like it, especially on days when the weather is bad and we don’t go outside as much. This toy can prevent my dogs from digging in the area that I do not want them to.

What I Like

Durable mat

All grass are sewn by hand

100% quality warranty

Easy to fold up & stow away

Good Service

What I Don’t Like

The hexagon and straps are sewn in so tightly that dogs can’t get to them.

The clips and ties that hold it in place are very thin

Easily tear when pawed or pulled on by puppy teeth

7. NO Activity Matz Garden Game Plush Dog Puzzle Mat


Slow down the pace at which your dog eats

Three physical and mental challenges

Folds up for easy storage

Made in China

Editor Rating: 7.5/10

Detailed Overview

The Outward Hound Dog Tornado Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is a fantastic, durable toy that keeps my dog entertained and mentally engaged. Its smart layout includes spinning layers with treat chambers that challenge my dog to work out how to reveal the hidden treats. Made from top-notch materials, this puzzle toy holds up well to lively play and continues to be robust. It even has adjustable difficulty levels, so I can tailor it to my dog’s abilities. It’s a flexible toy that keeps boredom at bay and gives a healthy way for her natural instincts to express themselves.

The standout feature of this one is how simple it is to clean. Although the honeycomb pattern might be a bit irksome, all the levels can be detached from the base (and easily reattached) and thoroughly air-dried. This is far easier than trying to clean out small hiding spots that are fixed and can trap water.

I’m really fond of this toy, and it poses a challenge to my dogs. This toy has parts that can be easily popped off (the red covers), and the white pieces are not attached, so they can be easily taken away to be chewed on. If you’ve had to leave your loyal pals alone for longer than you’d prefer, give them some time and attention with this toy. My dogs are very driven by food, and they adore it. Finding the treats doesn’t take them long, but it serves as a great mental challenge for them!

The only slight issue I’ve encountered is that the doors to the compartments do come off, and I found my little one gnawing on one when I wasn’t paying attention. It’s not a major setback (it still functions fine), but it’s something to be aware of if your dog likes to chew.

All in all, this puzzle toy is a must-have for dog owners who want to give their furry friends some mental exercise and fun. This toy can replace the area that my dogs love digging. So much convenience!

What smell do dogs hate to stop digging?

What I Like

Easy to take apart to wash

Non-slip & water-resistant base

Well made and tough material

What I Don’t Like

The little rubber stubs under don’t really keep it place

This material is apparently very attractive to dogs for chewing

8. iDig Stay Digging Toy


For dogs of all sizes

Easy to clean

For your dog’s natural digging behavior

Made in China

Editor Rating: 7/10

Detailed Overview

The iFetch Idig Stay Digging Toy goes beyond traditional chew toys and balls by offering a unique “bury the treasure” concept. The iDig is completely assembled, so all you need to do is remove it from the box and insert treats and/or toys into the many hidden pockets and under the three flaps.

The flaps are removable and machine washable (cold, gentle), and hang dry. They are made of a very sturdy material, with a heavy duty screen in one. There are tiny plugs that turn so you can move the flaps around into the other slots (or remove) as well as interchange the flaps. You can order more flaps to customize your iDig for your dog.

My Yorkie is exceptionally intelligent, so he requires toys and activities that really challenge him. This toy works well for him, especially, since at 6lbs, he must navigate and maneuver the surface – he is so small that he must stand on the pads that he has to “peel back”. That is an extra layer of complexity that larger dogs might not have to deal with. It keeps his interest until he’s uncovered all the treats.

Signs of wear on the pads appeared after the 2nd use. They are durable enough for a small dog, but might hold up to a larger, stronger dog. The base is a sturdy, hard plastic ring. It’s large enough that my German Shepherd can use it as a bed, if he wants. It’s still small enough to be able to use in many places. 

The base seems to be easy to clean with a good spray and wipe down. Everything seems to be very sturdy and well put together. The flaps might get torn easier with a more aggressive chewer. They do seem durable, and the iFetch website (the company who makes the toy) has flaps for sale individually in case something rips. 

What sets iFetch apart is their commitment to customer care. The brand, owned and operated by the Hamill family in Austin, Texas, prides itself on prioritizing happy human and canine customers. For any questions or issues with your product, you can easily reach out to their dedicated customer care team via call or email.

All in all, this is a great idea and provides entertainment for dogs and helps keep their mind sharp while giving them their own place to dig, which has cut down on my dog digging on our couch or beds. 

What I Like

The material is very durable (fabric)

Great for dogs of all sizes!

The flaps can be removed and thrown into the washing machine

What I Don’t Like

The price is quite expensive

The edges of the sewn fabric are not sealed

The plastic pieces easily break off

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