Are Corgis Aggressive? Decoding The Crowned Boss

Corgis are a popular breed of dog, impressive with their fox-like appearance. They look cute and cuddly. There is some hearsay that a Corgi can be aggressive and bossy. But to what extent are they true?

Let’s discover some diagnostics within the breed and get a better idea of how aggressive this breed is.

Understanding Corgis 

To know if Corgis might have mild-mannered or rebellious traits, we should look into the most signature traits they possess. 

Corgis are famous for their fox-like appearance
Corgis are famous for their fox-like appearance


Corgis were first domesticated in the Welsh region of the United Kingdom. Their purpose in life was to herd cattle and sheep. Their unusually short stature is reflected in their name, “Corgi,” which comes from the Welsh words “cor” (dwarf) and “gi” (dog). 

The short, stubby legs, large bodies, fox-like heads, and fluffy buttocks of Corgis are just a few features that make them easily recognizable. 

Personalities and Intelligence

Beside the fluffy fur and goofy, oddly-shaped bodies that make them gorgeous, they get loved by their owners and fans due to their charming nature. 

They are loyal, affectionate, and intelligent dogs. They are naturally curious and eager to please their owners. These traits make them great companions for humans because training  them is easy. 

We all know herding dogs are extremely intelligent. These dogs need to be able to think well on their own, make wise choices, and listen to their handlers. and the corgi lived up to this expectation.

They are naturally curious and eager to please their owners
They are naturally curious and eager to please their owners

A study by Stanley Coren, a renowned canine psychologist, found that Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis are among the smartest dog breeds. They ranked 11th and 31st, respectively. The study evaluated the breeds’ ability to learn and follow new commands on the first try.

They can be adaptable and pick up clues from their surroundings. Corgi always tries to find the simplest solution. He learns from the experience and will show you another way to do things faster. For example, he might guide you through a shorter route to the destination.  

Are Corgis Aggressive? The Truth About Bossy Tendencies

Corgis, in general, are not dominant or aggressive by nature. However, just like people, each dog has its own unique personality.

Just like people, each dog has its own unique personality
Just like people, each dog has its own unique personality

Friendly Dogs With A Playful Disposition

Friendly, easy-going, gentle, and even-tempered are what are usually described as Corgis. They develop such specialties out of a desperate desire to please their owners at any cost. 

The playful nature makes Corgis great players with children and other pets. They can engage in chasing toys and balls or playing fetch for long periods of time without getting overly drained; they only stop when they feel like doing so.

Corgis are also really outgoing; they love going on adventures with their owners to places where they can meet other dogs, such as the park, the beach, or even a local coffee shop. 

Corgis are great players with children and other pets
Corgis are great players with children and other pets

Decoding Corgi’s Perplexing Behavior 

Because they are brilliant and strong-willed, they tend to think they’re better than they are and can refuse to listen to you at times. Let’s discuss more about these situations. 

Bossy Tendencies

Corgi has bossy tendencies due to their herding instincts
Corgi has bossy tendencies due to their herding instincts

The fact that the Corgi was both the diligent shepherd dog and the royal dog can grant some aggressive traits, notably in the form of pushy and bossy qualities.  

These confident canines are perhaps best known as the preferred breed of Queen Elizabeth. 

Though they may be small in stature, Corgis have big personalities. They aren’t the shy or retiring type, and they won’t be afraid to show their owners affection and loyalty. 

Herding dogs have a naturally pushing mindset, which they nurture to make them suited for chasing and driving cattle in the field. And Corgis still retain some of their ancestors’ characteristics.

Corgis are the breed of choice of Queen Elizabeth
Corgis are the breed of choice of Queen Elizabeth

Many Corgi owners claim that when their dogs get excited, all they do is nip and bite. Possibly some scratched-up owners. This is because, when herding animals, Corgis nipped at their heels to make them move in the right direction. 

Sometimes, they could even look bossy; this shows in the way they tend to herd young kids and other pets into the central enclosed area. However, their motivation is purely selfish; they do not intend to cause trouble but rather act on instincts. 

Craving for attention and high energy needs

They understand your feelings and care for them
They understand your feelings and care for them

As was mentioned before, Corgis are independent thinkers. They are known to create rules of their own and get stubborn when you don’t give them enough attention. 

When paired with alertness and sensitivity, attention-seeking behavior becomes annoying. They may even pick up on slight changes and unusual sounds; they understand your feelings and care for them.

As a result, they are skeptical and will do everything to catch your attention, the most common thing they do is agrressive vocalization like barking, howling or whining.

On the other hand, with their high energy levels, Corgis need at least moderate exercise on a daily basis. They will run after a ball at breakneck speed.

Therefore, they need to live in a busy household with plenty of people who can give them lots of attention. They will become sociable and easy to live with when they are given something to do.  

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Train Your Corgi To Be Decent

The method for some unwanted behaviors in your Corgis, which also derive from the features that make them lovable- herding instincts, is to train them using positive reinforcement, treats, and most importantly, your love for them.

A loving partnership requires clear boundaries that let each partner know their place while accepting individuality. 

Early socialization can help Corgis avoid developing possessive or guarding impulses toward their toys, food, or territory, which can appear as bossiness or violence against children or other pets.

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