About Us

Welcome to Get Your Pet Certified!

We are a website with the beautiful goal of improving the lives of pets all over the world and making the exciting but sometimes hard job of caring for a pet easier.

Our journey is driven by our endless love for our four-legged friends, and our team is very interested in bringing attention to how important pets are in our everyday lives, to make sure every pet has a life as good as they make ours. 

Pets are much more than just companions. Their cute acts brighten our days, and their natural weakness makes us want to take care of them. They have the important job of making our lives better, more beautiful, and richer. And it’s only fair that we give back by making their lives better in any way we can.

We saw that many pets around the world were not getting the happiness and privileges they deserved. This was mostly because their caregivers didn’t have easy access to good information, so we stepped in to fill the gap. 

We want to help pet parents learn more about their duties and feel more confident in them. We want to share useful knowledge about pets’ health, tips, and overall well-being. This will help make the world a place where every pet is loved, cared for, and treasured as much as they deserve.

And through Get Your Pet Certified, we hope to build a community that not only recognizes how much love and joy our pets bring into our lives, but also works together to improve their quality of life.

Help us change the lives of both pets and people, one pawprint at a time.

Our Veterinarian Experts

Meet Natalie Shin – a devoted veterinarian, a passionate pet lover, and an invaluable contributor to Get Your Pet Certified

She has been an invaluable part of our team at Get Your Pet Certified, fervently writing and sharing her knowledge and experiences…

Rosy Jocasta, a 28-year-old animal lover from London, holds degrees from Oxford and Andrews University.

She runs a thriving business caring for animals and actively supports animal welfare. She is also an ambassador for esteemed organizations, she rescues and protects endangered species.

Markus Stein is a 45-year-old German blogger who has a deep passion for pets and animals.

Markus has been working as a vet for the past five years, and his experience and expertise in the field have made him a respected professional.