Are Dobermans Good With Kids? Confusion of Guard Dogs

It is well known that Dobermans are good guard dogs. Do they have what it takes to be a good friend for your kids? Can their desire to protect be a good thing or a worry? What can you do to make sure that your Doberman and your kids can live together without fighting? Let’s talk about their possible personalities and how they might get along with kids. 

Are Dobermans Dangerous? 

they are surprisingly mellow and sociable
they are surprisingly mellow and sociable

Dobermans could be fierce guard dogs, yet in their daily settings, they are surprisingly mellow and sociable. Dobermans are known for being smart and loyal. They make great family pets and get along well with people, including children and other animals.

They even have a reputation for being “velcro dogs” at home, meaning they prefer to be close to their people above everything else. The ties they share with their families are often very strong, and they can be tenderhearted. They can also be very active and fun, so they need regular exercise to stay healthy and content.

Some people are afraid of them because of their huge and muscular bodies, which gives them the impression that they are dangerous. They could pose a threat if provoked. But, unlike what their looks suggest, they are gentle, kind, and relaxed. 

When ranked against other animals with the capacity to kill humans, such as pit bulls and rottweilers, they come in at number 12, the very bottom of the list. Source 

You don’t want your Doberman to develop a chewing habit. Because these dogs are not naturally violent or prone to gnawing, once they get into these behaviors, they can cause far more harm than you might expect. With their formidable physical prowess and adamant bite force. 

As they bite, their teeth come together in such an exact, interwoven way that whatever gets stuck in their mouth almost never emerges intact. It’s unfortunate if your Doberman chews on your expensive items. 

Like any other breed, Dobermans can be dangerous if they aren’t educated, trained, or treated properly. A dog’s personality, rather than its breed, is usually a product of its upbringing and environment.

Dobermans can be dangerous if they aren't educated
Dobermans can be dangerous if they aren’t educated

As a result of their high IQ and the fact that it is bred into them to guard their owner from harm. Under some conditions, they may exhibit aggressive behavior. 

  • In perceived dangerous situations: Being over-protective of their owners and reserved with strangers.  
  • Mistreatment: The owners often ignore them for extended periods of time, leaving them without adequate care or food. 
  • Lack of socialization and training: They are unable to tell right from wrong due to a lack of socialization and instruction. 
  • Lack of activities and entertainment: So bright that they may tire of normal forms of enjoyment and seek it instead in inappropriate things

Are Dobermans Good With Kids?

Yes. They can be good friends for any child. They are considered to be one of the best guard dogs, which means that they make great family pets. Children, being the most vulnerable members of the family, are especially in need of this protection. In fact, they are better suited to daily life with kids than the average dog. 

They can be good friends for any child
They can be good friends for any child

One thing that is known about dobermans is that they can form strong bonds with one person in the family. Children are the most common people they seek to impact and bond with. 

Because children are naturally more suited to spending time at home with a Doberman than busy working adults are.

Children, especially infants, typically have no concept of the results of their actions. As long as the Dobermans and the kids grow up together in a stable, caring, and consistent setting, the dogs should be OK around kids. They will be kind and won’t retaliate angrily when they get a heavy-handed pet or embrace from these innocent children at home. 

However, because of their size and power, Dobermans need special education and socialization before they can be trusted around children. 


Dogs and young children should never be left alone together, regardless of breed. A child’s unintended hurting or invading of the dog’s space can annoy and even provoke an unpredictable reaction from even the most well-behaved of dogs. 

It’s also a good idea to introduce the dog to your kids before deciding to make it a permanent member of the family. And always, always make sure your kids know how to behave when they’re around dogs. 

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