Do Yorkies Like Kongs?

One popular toy that often catches the attention of dog owners is the Kong. Popular as a durable, interactive toy designed to provide mental stimulation and satisfy a dog’s natural instincts. As a Yorkie owner, you may wonder do Yorkies like Kongs and want to know more about the ideal toys to engage and entertain your furry friend. 

In this article, we will examine their play preferences, benefits of Kong toys, and practical experiences of Yorkie owners. Deeply understand their playtime preferences !

Should we buy Kong toys for Yorkies
Should we buy Kong toys for Yorkies?

Should We buy Kong Toys for Yorkies ?

Yes, many Yorkies do enjoy playing with Kongs. Kongs are generally considered safe and suitable for dogs of all sizes, including Yorkies. A popular choice among dog owners to provide mental stimulation and promote interactive play. 

Yorkies often enjoy the challenge of extracting treats or engaging with the Kong’s unique design. Kongs satisfy a Yorkie’s natural instinct to chew and explore. Providing them with a stimulating activity that can keep them entertained and mentally engaged. 

However, it’s important to note that individual preferences can vary among Yorkies. While many Yorkies do enjoy playing with Kongs, there may be some who show less interest or have different toy preferences. 

Do Yorkies like Kongs
Unique points about Kong toys

The Reasons Why Kongs Might Be a Suitable Toy For Yorkies

Based on consumer reviews, here are some unique points about Kong toys and reasons why Kongs might be a suitable toy:

Exceptional Durability Design

Many users note that Kong toys outlast other brands, making them a reliable choice for long-lasting play.

Versatile Treat Dispensing

Kong toys have a unique treat-dispensing design that allows users to stuff them with treats, kibble, or peanut butter. 

Range of Sizes

Consumers appreciate the availability of various size options, allowing them to find the perfect fit for their specific dog, including Yorkies.

Range of Sizes
Range of Sizes

Engaging and Challenging Design

Kong toys are designed to be mentally stimulating and engaging for dogs. Reviews say that their dogs enjoy the challenge of extracting treats or working to get their food out of the toy, providing a fun and interactive experience.

Trusted Brand Reputation

Kong has established itself as a trusted and reputable brand in the dog toy market. Users often express confidence in Kong’s quality and reliability, based on their positive experiences with the brand.

Extensive Product Line

Kong offers a wide variety of toy options beyond the classic Kong shape, including different designs, materials, and interactive features. Buyers appreciate the extensive product line that caters to different play preferences and dog personalities.

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How to Choose the Right Chew Toys for Your Yorkie

1. Your puppy’s age.

Your Yorkie’s age should act as a timeline guide of the kind of chew toy you get them. Here is a little breakdown to help you out. 

  • 0-12 weeks

Your Yorkie puppy doesn’t need any chew toys at this age. They’re still breastfeeding, and their teeth should start erupting at month four. Although their small milk teeth are sharp at this age, they’re not strong enough for chewing toys. Instead, once the teeth start to erupt, start introducing them to soft solid food. 

  • 12-24 weeks (the chewing stage) 

Your puppy’s milk teeth start falling at week 12, and shortly after, their permanent teeth start growing. This is the stage where your puppy really needs the chewing toys. The teething process can cause discomfort and pain, and the chew toys help soothe their gum. At this stage, the best chew toys are the ones that can be frozen as the cold helps numb the gum and soothe it. 

  • 24 weeks and above 

Most puppies are done with the teething process at this age, and with their strong teeth, they can graduate to adult chew toys. These are a little harder and more durable because they’re more long-term. At this age, the need to chew on other objects has also reduced significantly, or at least they’re not triggered by teething. 

Yorkie’s age
Yorkie’s age

2. Your Yorkies’s chewy personality.

The other factor to consider when buying a chewing toy is their personality and how they chew. Here are the different types of chewers in Yorkies breed

  • Moderate Chewers: Many Yorkies fall into the category of moderate chewers. They engage in chewing to some extent but may not have extremely intense or destructive chewing habits.
  • Gentle Chewers: Some Yorkies have a more gentle chewing style. They may enjoy chewing on softer toys or plush toys, engaging in a gentler and less aggressive chewing motion. These dogs often prefer toys with softer materials or stuffed toys.
  • Enthusiastic Chewers: There are Yorkies who are enthusiastic chewers, displaying a strong desire and intensity when it comes to chewing. They may have a higher need for chewing and enjoy more durable toys made from strong materials like rubber or nylon.
  • Selective Chewers: Selective chewers are Yorkies who have specific preferences when it comes to chewing. They may be more particular about the type of toys they enjoy and may show less interest in certain textures or materials. 
 Yorkies breed
Yorkies breed

Reasons Why You Should Get Chew Toys for Your Yorkies

Chew toys are beneficial for your Yorkies in several ways:

  • Dental Health
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Behavior Management
  • Teething Relief
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Physical Exercise
  • Training Aid
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