What Is a German Shepherd’s Favorite Thing? Getting Joy Out

Having a German Shepherd in your home is similar to having another child; you must show them a lot of love, devote time to raising them, and keep them happy. 

But what is a German Shepherd’s favorite thing? We will tell you that this breed has a great predisposition for activities involving human hands, as well as games that can develop their innate instincts. 

Simple, just like any other dog; however, this dog is so affectionate that they will crave these moments when they can indulge in their favorite pastime more than any other dog. 

Understanding German Shepherds

Before you know what your German Shepherds’ favorite activities are. You should comprehend the origins of these canines, as well as their demeanor and how magnificent they are. 

Their physical characteristics appear in an iconic image
Their physical characteristics appear in an iconic image

Appearance and Temperament

Perhaps because German Shepherds are gratifying creatures to us, their physical characteristics appear in an iconic image—they are powerful and agile canines with a unique black and tan coat. They give the impression of being vigilant and trustworthy guard dogs. 

Although they are beautiful, their temperament, undying loyalty,and protective nature are truly what make them popular. 

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German Shepherds, which are the noble guard dogs you see in daily life, were bred in Germany in the late 1800s. They were originally raised on a farm, and their main job is to herd and protect the livestock. Over time, their smart and skilled nature became well-known and in demand. And we have those common German Shepherd police dogs nowadays. 

Their main job used to be herding and protecting the livestock
Their main job used to be herding and protecting the livestock

Skill and intelligence

A German Shepherd is impressively intelligent. And the best part of being intelligent is that they are highly trainable. Because of their desire to please their owners, they are eager learners. Complex commands cannot faze these dogs. These skills of German Shepherds are the result of forging over many generations.

You’ll be surprised by how adaptable and skilled German Shepherds are once you see how  they perform in challenging jobs like police work, search and rescue, and helping people: 

  • Police dogs: Most police dogs are taught to follow smells and recognize suspects. They are usually exposed to challenges, like gunfire and high stress environments. 
  • Search and rescue dogs: Search-and-rescue dogs are trained to follow scents to find people who have gone missing in places like forests, mountains,…
  • Service dogs: Service dogs, on the other hand, help people with disabilities do everyday things like open doors and turn on lights.

How to Identify a German Shepherd’s Favorite Thing

German Shepherds, like all dogs, require a variety of forms of amusement in order to feel healthy and happy. Toys, food, activities, and people are items that all German Shepherds are interested in. 

However, simply handing out these items is insufficient because each dog is unique, with their own preferences and quirks.

The breed factor is a constant that makes it clear that German Shepherds need high-energy activities like chasing and retrieving things. 

German Shepherds need high-energy activities
German Shepherds need high-energy activities

However, various German Shepherds will have different past experiences, age ranges, and health problems, all of which influence how they interact with stuff such as toys.

For example, if your German Shepherd has previously had access to a certain game or toy, he is more likely to participate in that game in the future. A playful puppy, on the other hand, is likely to teethe and chew anything in his reach, but a senior dog will be more interested in the mentally stimulating exercise. Similarly, a well-exercised dog can play outside all day, whereas a dog in agony or suffering will show little interest in anything. 

What Is a German Shepherd’s Favorite Thing?

German Shepherds can engage in all kinds of activities throughout their day, as long as they are contributing to their general well-being. Every activity that is meant for them has these two features in general, training and bonding. 

Every activity that is meant for them will include training and bonding activities
Every activity that is meant for them will include training and bonding activities

Physical activities 

As was already said, German Shepherds are a breed with a lot of energy and were nurtured to work in a professional environment. As a result, they are hardwired to enjoy physical activity.

One of their favorite games is fetch, which is usually chasing and retrieving a ball or a Frisbee. Sometimes just giving them space and time to swim, run around is enough to burn off energy while also utilizing their athleticism.  

Interactive toys and puzzles

It goes without saying that German Shepherds enjoy mental challenges. Toys are the things that can provide them with this. Toys like treat dispensers and puzzle games aid with their problem-solving abilities.

The rewarding experience is what encourages them to play with these toys more, as they struggle to earn the treats. Toys like Kongs filled with food or particular puzzle toys are popular among German Shepherds. 

Training and learning new commands

German Shepherds are happy when learning new things
German Shepherds are happy when learning new things

With German Shepherds being so bright and needing to work, you should invest some time training them and thinking up new commands. German Shepherds are quite happy if they can please their owners, and they also like learning new things.

Plan some positive reinforcement training activities where they can demonstrate their talent and dexterity. This is sometimes referred to as agility training. The following are two examples of common agility training: 

  • High Jump: This is a common training method for German Shepherds where we start with a low bar for the dog to jump and then raise the height as they gain confidence.
  • Tunnel Run: The German Shepherd has to sprint through a tunnel. Similarly, begin with a shorter tunnel and gradually extend its length.

The finest thing about training German Shepherds is that you use rewards and then praise him/her. 

Bonding and spending time with their owners

Owners can mean everything to German Shepherds, and nothing beats meaningful time with their owners. They adore moments of snuggling, cuddling, and playtime with you.

So, in addition to providing these dogs with toys or activities to keep them occupied. You should devote some time to loving and cherishing them. Giving them the attention they crave will leave them in the finest mental state. 

Chewing and gnawing on appropriate toys

You should allow them to engage in this instinctual behavior in a safe manner
You should allow them to engage in this instinctual behavior in a safe manner

German Shepherds, like any other dog, have a tendency to bite and chew; therefore, you should allow them to engage in this instinctual behavior in a safe and pleasant manner.

Providing them with toys such as bully sticks, rawhide, or rubber bones. These toys are excellent for lowering stress and maintaining strong jaws, healthy teeth, and gums.

Engaging in scent-related activities

Dogs who use their sense of smell assist people in finding hidden objects or tracking scents. As police dogs, it’s clear that German Shepherds have a good sense of smell. So another thing that German Shepherds like is having an outlet for their natural impulses. 

Set up a scent work training session in which you hide rewards or toys, let them track scents over a greater distance, or train your dog to come to you when they smell a specific scent marker. 

How To Make German Shepherds Enjoy Any Activity

For each activity, keep these three elements in mind to see if your German Shepherds are interested and committed for a long period. They are as follows: 

  • Rewards: Positive reinforcement, treats, praise, or affection are all required for any activity to be appealing to any dog. 
  • Consistency: Try to incorporate the activities into their daily routines, such as daily walks or training exercises, so that they can become a favorite of German Shepherds. 
  • Balance: Entertainment is great. Yet they must create a balance between activity requirements, nutritional needs, grooming, and regular veterinarian care for your German Shepherds.


In conclusion, German Shepherds are an energetic breed that requires a lot of your time and effort to adopt. But, given their abilities and endearing personality, it’s quite logical. 

Knowing the behaviors that will please your German Shepherds will allow you to diversify their playtime and make them happier!

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