Pet Your Stress Away

why therapists prescribe Emotional Support Animals.

Pet Your Stress Away

People who suffer from Psychiatric Disabilities more often than not, look for alternative methods of relieving the symptoms of their unique disorder. Medications often have serious side effects and make them unpleasant for the individual to take. Where do they turn? A therapy animal or pet, also known as an Emotional Support Animal, can provide psychiatric patients with therapeutic benefits such as stress reduction and emotional support. Studies have shown the human-animal interaction such as the act of petting an animal can relieve stress in less than ten minutes. It also releases the "Love Hormone", Oxytocin, which has been shown to lower stress and anxiety. This is one of the many reasons why therapists prescribe Emotional Support Animals.


Washington State University has instituted the program, "Pet Your Stress Away" whereby students interact with dogs or cats on campus to help reduce the strain of college life. The students participating in the study had a significant reduction in the cortisol levels, the major stress hormone.

A Legal Emotional Support Animal is prescribed by a licensed Mental Health Professional. matches you with a Mental Health Professional who evaluates your history, the severity of the disorder and makes the determination as to the suitability of an Emotional Support Animal for you. Our process of getting an ESA letter is simple. Simply start the process by taking the online questionnaire.

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