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Juli Barish is a lover of animals and recognizes the need for Emotional Support Animals. She knows all too well how beneficial an ESA is in one’s life. She was a foster parent for ten (10) years and fostered many children during that time. These children were ripped away from their parents through no fault of their own, suffering from abuse and unimaginable traumas, witnessing drug and physical abuse, suffering from incredible anxiety and stress. “Little One”, Juli’s lab mix, was there to help alleviate and calm the children and provide that unconditional love that an animal can provide. So “Little One” became the ESA for all her “children”, loving and providing each child emotional support in his/her time of need. Juli sees this as a way of giving back to the community.

Juli has a Master’s in Counseling/Psychology from Boston University and has worked in the Judicial System for many years as a Probation and Pretrial Services Officer. She is the mother of three wonderful adult children.

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