What Kind Of Dog Toys Do Yorkies Like? – Tailored For Yorkies

Yorkies have a big personality and a playful spirit that requires regular exercise to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. As a pet owner, it can be challenging to determine which ones are suitable for your Yorkie and kind of dog toys do Yorkies like.

In this article, we will explore the types of dog toys that Yorkies typically enjoy. Ready to discover the perfect playthings that will bring endless fun and excitement to your beloved Yorkie companion!

dog toys that Yorkies typically enjoy
Dog toys that Yorkies typically enjoy

Yorkie-specific Toy Features

Here are some characteristics that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and preferences of Yorkshire Terriers:


Yorkies are small dogs, typically weighing between 4-7 pounds. Toys that are too large or heavy may be difficult for them to carry or play with comfortably. Look for toys they can easily grasp and manipulate.

Durable materials

They may have small, delicate jaws, but they are still active and enthusiastic chewers. Toys made from durable materials can withstand their chewing and play habits without easily breaking apart.

Squeaky elements

Yorkies are often attracted to toys that produce enticing sounds. Squeaky toys can capture their attention and stimulate their play instincts. Look for toys with built-in squeakers that are securely enclosed to prevent accidental ingestion.

Textures and softness

Yorkies can be particularly sensitive to certain textures. Toys with different textures, such as soft plush, rubber nubs, or knotted ropes, can provide sensory stimulation and variety.

Interactive and challenging task

Yorkies are intelligent dogs that thrive on mental stimulation. Interactive puzzle toys, such as treat-dispensing toys can help prevent boredom and provide a fun and rewarding play experience.

playful and active nature
Playful and active nature

Toy Types for Yorkie

Yorkies are known for their playful and active nature. There are various types of toys that cater to their energy levels: 

  • Plush toys: Yorkies can be quite affectionate, and plush toys provide them with a soft and cuddly companion. 
  • Interactive puzzle toys: Interactive puzzle toys challenge their problem-solving skills and keep them engaged. 
  • Chew toys: These toys not only satisfy their urge to chew but also promote dental health by helping to clean their teeth and gums.
  • Tug-of-war toys: These toys provide an outlet for their energy and strengthen the bond between you and your Yorkie during playtime.
  • Fetch toys: Balls, flying discs, or even small plush toys can be great options for interactive games of fetch both indoors and outdoors.
  • Treat-dispensing toys: These toys can be filled with treats or kibble, challenging the dog to figure out how to access the goodies. They provide entertainment and can help slow down fast eaters or keep them occupied during alone time.
Supervise your Yorkie during playtime
Supervise your Yorkie during playtime

Safety Considerations 

These guidelines will help you choose toys that provide a safe and enjoyable play experience for your Yorkie:

  • Ensure the toys are made from non-toxic materials and free from harmful substances.
  • Avoid toys with hard or sharp edges that could potentially injure your Yorkie’s mouth or gums.
  • Check that any attached components, such as squeakers or eyes, are securely fastened to the toy.
  • Supervise your Yorkie during playtime, especially with new toys, and discard damaged or broken toys.
  • Consider your Yorkie’s individual preferences and needs when selecting toys.

Extra tips : Rotate, change toys to keep their interest and prevent boredom.

Yorkies are intelligent dogs
Yorkies are intelligent dogs

Recommendations and Reviews Products  

Here’s a table featuring specific toy recommendations, popular toy brands for Yorkies

Toy RecommendationPopular Toy BrandPractical Insights
Kong ClassicKongDurable, versatile toy that can be stuffed with treats, providing mental stimulation and rewards.
Outward Hound Hide-A-SquirrelOutward HoundInteractive plush toy that satisfies hunting instincts, with hidden squeaky toys for added fun.
ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush ToyZippyPawsEngaging plush toy with hidden squeaky toys, stimulating digging and searching behavior.
JW Pet Hol-ee RollerJW PetDurable rubber ball with treat-stuffing capability, promoting mental stimulation and reward-based play.
West Paw Design Zogoflex Hurley Dog BoneWest Paw DesignTough, chew-friendly bone-shaped toy for satisfying Yorkie’s chewing instincts.
Chuckit! Indoor BallChuckit!Soft and lightweight ball suitable for indoor play, providing active fun in limited spaces.
BARK Super Chewer ToysBARKDurable toy line designed for heavy chewers, offering options like rubber toys and puzzle toys.

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