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Bulldogs have their own unique preferences when it comes to playthings. As a caring bulldog owner, it’s important to provide our furry friends with toys to enhance their playtime experience. 

There are plenty of options, from sturdy chew toys to interactive puzzles, to keep bulldogs entertained and stimulated. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of toys that bulldogs enjoy and the benefits these toys provide. 

Different types of toys that Bulldogs enjoy

Sensory Stimulation

This type of toy aims to engage their senses and provide a stimulating play experience. These toys often incorporate different sounds, textures, and visual elements to keep bulldogs entertained and mentally engaged. Moreover,it satisfies Bulldogs’ natural curiosity and provides sensory enrichment.

Sensory Stimulation toys for bulldogs.
Sensory Stimulation toys for bulldogs
  • Squeaky Toys

A popular choice among Bulldogs because they can be intrigued by toys that produce sound. Dogs are instinctually driven to hunt and catch prey, trigger a dog’s predatory instincts and provide a satisfying play experience. 

The squeaking sound when pressed or chewed mimics the noise that an injured or dying animal might make.

  • Toys with Ribbons or Tassels

This offers Bulldogs both visual and tactile stimulation. The movement of the extra materials can capture bulldogs’ attention and add an extra element of fun during play.

Solo Play

Solo play dog toys aim to keep bulldogs occupied, mentally engaged, and prevent boredom. These toys are designed to provide bulldogs with entertainment and engagement when they are playing on their own.


  • Plush Toys

Plush toys are soft and cuddly, providing bulldogs with comfort and companionship during solo playtime. They often come in various shapes and characters, with durable construction and materials to withstand bulldogs’ chewing and rough play. 

Bulldogs may enjoy carrying plush toys around, cuddling with them or mimicking their natural instincts as if playing with prey during rest time.

  • Chew Toys

Chew toys are designed to satisfy bulldogs’ natural chewing instincts and promote dental health. These toys help clean bulldogs’ teeth and gums by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

Chew toys come in various materials, including rubber, nylon, or natural materials, for their chewing needs.

Interactive dog toys for Bulldogs bonding with their owners.
Interactive dog toys for Bulldogs bonding with their owners

Interactive toys

Interactive dog toys are designed to keep bulldogs entertained and challenged and provide opportunities for bonding with their owners. These toys require Bulldogs to actively participate and problem-solve, providing mental stimulation and preventing boredom. 

  • Ball Toys:

Ball toys are classic interactive toys that encourage bulldogs to chase, fetch, and retrieve the ball, providing both mental and physical exercise. They can be used for interactive play with their owners or for independent play, keeping bulldogs engaged and active.

  • Tug Toys

These toys are designed for tug-of-war games and can be played with their owners or other dogs. Tug toys can enhance the bond while providing an outlet for their energy and strength.

Bulldogs can exercise their strength and satisfy their natural desire to tug and pull during play sessions with tug toys.

  • Interactive Puzzle Toys

These toys often have hidden compartments, treat-dispensing features, or movable parts that bulldogs must figure out to access the rewards. These toys promote cognitive development, improve bulldogs’ problem-solving skills, and provide a rewarding and engaging play experience.

Water Toys for bulldogs.
Water Toys for bulldogs

Outdoor vs. indoor toys

Bulldogs can have specific preferences for toys, depending on the environment. Outdoor toys are often durable, weather-resistant, and suited for activities in open spaces. While indoor toys are typically designed with features that minimize potential damage to surroundings, 

  • Treat-Dispensing Toys

Treat-dispensing toys are designed to hold treats or kibble, requiring bulldogs to work and manipulate the toy to access the rewards. These toys provide mental stimulation and can keep bulldogs entertained and engaged indoors.  

Treat-dispensing toys can also be used as a tool for training and promoting positive behaviors in bulldogs.

  • Water Toys:

It can provide bulldogs with both physical exercise and mental stimulation during water-based playtime. They can float on water, making them suitable for Bulldogs to enjoy swimming or playing in pools, lakes, or other water bodies.

Bulldog is running and fetching during playtime.
Bulldog is running and fetching during playtime 

How toys can benefit our pets’ physical and mental health

Toy CategoryPhysical Health BenefitsMental Health Benefits
Squeaky ToysChasing and retrievingMental stimulation and engagement through interactive play
Toys with Ribbons or TasselsChasing and pouncingVisual and tactile stimulation
Plush ToysOffers comfort and companionshipSense of security and emotional well-being
Chew ToysHelps maintain dental healthSatisfying outlet for chewing and relieves stress
Ball ToysPromotes cardiovascular fitness through running and fetchingFocus and coordination during interactive play
Tug ToysBuilds strength and endurance through tug-of-war activitiesBonding and socialization with owners and other pets
Interactive Puzzle ToysStimulates problem-solving skills and mental agilityPrevents boredom and channels mental energy
Treat-Dispensing ToysPlay and treat retrievalMental stimulation and rewards for problem-solving
Water ToysCooling during water-based playRefreshing and enjoyable sensory experience

Choose the right toys for your Bulldog 

Size and texture: Bulldogs may have preferences for certain toy sizes and textures. Categorize toys based on their size, such as small, medium, or large, to ensure they are appropriate for your bulldog’s mouth and chewing style.

Durability Level: Bulldogs have strong jaws, so categorizing toys based on their durability can be helpful. Some toys are designed to be ultra-durable and withstand heavy chewing, while others may be more suitable for gentler play. This categorization helps identify toys that can endure the rough playstyle of bulldogs.

Bulldog's mouth and chewing style.
Bulldog’s mouth and chewing style

Skill Level: Bulldogs may have varying levels of skill or interest in certain toys. Beginner-level toys typically include plush toys that are easy to manipulate and carry, basic chew toys for gentle chewing, lightweight ball toys for chasing and retrieving. Intermediate-level toys are requiring pets to use problem-solving skills to access treats like squeakers or hidden compartments. For pets with advanced skills try interactive electronic toys that respond to pets’ actions with lights, sounds.

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