People who have anxiety that isn’t as debilitating may benefit from an ESA. These domestic animals aren’t limited to canines. They are supposed to provide comforting companionship. Emotional Support Animals are still regarded as pets in most situations and for this purpose, Dogs are the best choice among animals, but for this you have to get yourself certified, this certification helps you to live independently with your pet to receive your “EMOTIONAL SUPPORT ANIMAL LETTER ONLINE” visit today and get yourself certified.

Through the ages, people have claimed dogs as one of their closest and best companions of all the domesticated animals, dogs serve the widest array of roles, protector, helper, lifesaver and companion. 

Dogs are incredible friends to people and they have been companions through centuries. The relationship between dogs and people is deep and old.


Dogs have proved themselves time and again to be loyal, kind and understanding. They greet us happily after what may have been the worst day of our lives and make us feel better with a wag of their tail and a playful grin. When you have a dog, you get used having them around all the time for company

Did you know that wolves and dogs are genetically very similar? This means that domestic pups tend to have some of the traits instilled in wolves. In particular, dogs are social creatures who work well in a pack.

Well, here’s something that you might be delighted to learn: your pooch considers you a part of his or her pack. After all, you are the only family that they have known. This makes you someone to care for and protect all the time.

This is just one of the reasons why dogs are so loyal to you. As far as they are concerned, you are no different than one of their furry family members.


As companions, the health benefits of life, dogs have been well-documented in many scientific studies, the health benefits of living with a dog include 

• Links to longer life span : In particular if you live alone, taking care of an animal can help you feel desired and wanted and divert attention from your difficulties. Most dog and cat owners converse with their pets; some even utilize them as a means of stress relief. Coming home to a wagging tail or a purring cat is the best antidote to loneliness.

• Can Increase opportunities for better beneficial socialization: On walks, treks, or in a dog park, dog owners often pause and engage in conversation. In pet stores, clubs, and training sessions, pet owners might make new friends.

  • Ease anxiety, and build self-confidence : Pets, who frequently live in the now and don’t worry about the past or the future, can teach you to be more conscious and to appreciate the delight of the moment.
  • Quickly manage stress : Your blood pressure can be lowered and you can become instantly calmer and less worried by petting a dog, cat, or other animal. 


It’s literally the best feeling when you come home after a hard day and there’s a big waggy tail there to greet you when you return home. Dogs show their love by jumping for joy and being happy.

Your dog’s behavior is actually quite similar to how you react when you see a relative or other close person. Your dog nearly worships you and may even be picturing your return before you get home.

The fact that dogs perceive us as belonging to a conventional pack hierarchy is another factor in why they are always so delighted to see us. Face licking is one of the reasons why scientists have seen this. In the wild, this is how wolves and other wild dogs have always customarily greeted one another.

If you raised your dog from a puppy, that’s one more factor contributing to your sheer happiness. If it happens when they are young, dogs imprint on their owners considerably more intensely. When this occurs, you effectively become your dog’s parent in his eyes. This respect for experience is also evident in wolf groups, according to researchers. The older, past-breeding members of the pack are kept secure and encircled, and frequently their hunting is done for them.

Unconditional love of dogs
Unconditional love of dogs


According to a recent article in a journal, dogs owners are more likely to be healthier overall because of their increased level of activity. Studies have also suggested that women sleep better when they cuddle up next to their dog.

– When compared to people without pets, pet owners are less likely to experience depression.

– When under stress, pet owners’ blood pressure is lower than that of non-pet owners. According to one study, adopting a dog from a shelter resulted in a significant drop in blood pressure within five months for those with borderline hypertension.

Playing with a dog, cat, or other pet can increase serotonin and dopamine levels, which are calming and sedative chemicals.

– People who own dogs have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels than people who do not.

– Those who have pets survive heart attacks longer than those who don’t.

– Compared to people without pets, pet owners over 65 visit their doctor 30% less frequently.

Pets satisfy the fundamental human desire for touch, which may be one explanation for these therapeutic effects. Even seasoned criminals in prison exhibit long-lasting behavioral changes after interacting with animals, many of whom initially express affection to one another. When you are stressed or anxious, petting, caressing, or otherwise calming an animal might help you feel better quickly. The company of a canine can help lessen loneliness, and most dogs are excellent motivators for physical activity, which can significantly improve mood and lessen sadness.


While some dogs may have been used to help protect livestock, overtime humans have come to recognise their ability to keep us safe too; many people have a dog for protection as well as company. Dogs don’t abandon us; they remain by our side through thick and thin.

Dogs have a strong impulse to defend the people they view as members of their pack. Dogs are strongly devoted to their family units, a feature they received from wolves in the wild who depend on pack defense to survive. This inclination is derived from wolves’ natural tendency to stick together in packs to ensure their safety. This inclination hasn’t changed in all the years that people have domesticated dogs!


Because of their unwavering love and readiness to defend their owners, dogs are sometimes referred to as “man’s best friend.” We frequently hear tales of dogs who willingly sacrifice their lives to save their owners.

Natalie Shin
Natalie Shin

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