How Do I Keep My Jack Russell Entertained? A Cure For Boredom

Jack Russells are high-energy and bright dogs that need regular playtime and mental challenges to avoid destructive boredom. 

Whether this is your first Jack Russell or you’ve had him for a while, the advice here will help you give your dog the mental and physical exercise he needs to live a long and happy life.

Jack Russell Terrier is an extremely active breed

Even though they are small, Jack Russell Terriers have a lot of physical stamina, energy, and durability. Those who are small and stocky on top of having powerful legs perform well at sports like chasing and digging. Their speed and strength make them adept at traversing quite a variety of terrain.

Jack Russell Terriers are able to sustain high levels of activity, such as running, hiking, and playing, for long periods of time. They can keep going no matter how strenuous the task or how busy their day gets. 

The long history of Jack Russells explains many of their current features. These dogs formerly served as hunting companions. Dogs trained specifically for the purpose of accompanying hunters can go over difficult terrain, so they were swift, quick, and hardy.

How Do I Keep My Jack Russell Entertained?

The health and happiness of your Jack Russell are dependent on you. At a minimum, you should spend an hour a day exercising and mentally stimulating these dogs.  Jack Russell Terriers can take pleasure in a wide variety of activities throughout the day. 

Daily walking and running

Jack Russell Terriers get health and mental benefits from daily walks and runs because they burn off extra energy and keep their minds active. As simple as they are, these basic activities improve a dog’s state of mind and general health. 

Think about taking your well-trained Jack Russell Terrier out for a run or bike ride, but make sure they’re wearing a harness or leash.

Taking your well-trained Jack Russell Terrier out for a run or bike ride
Taking your well-trained Jack Russell Terrier out for a run or bike ride

Change up your walking routine so that your Jack Russell Terrier is exposed to new sights, sounds, and smells. Seeing new places keeps their minds active and minimizes boredom.

Besides, you can also do other activities with your dog, such as agility, flyball, or obedience training while taking them on the exercise. 

Agility training

Agility training is usually chosen for training dogs to improve their speed, coordination, problem-solving skills, and physical fitness. Obstacle courses are among the most popular forms of agility training. It can be done with tunnels, jumps, and weave poles in backyards or dedicated agility centers. 

Make your own backyard obstacle course with the help of some cones, tunnels, ramps, and hurdles. Help your Jack Russell Terrier overcome challenges as you lead it through the course. The activity will test their quickness and agility.

Training dogs to improve their speed, coordination, problem-solving skills
Training dogs to improve their speed, coordination, problem-solving skills

Fetch Games

Fetch is a great mental and physical challenge for Jack Russell Terriers because of their high energy and prey drive. Use treats as bait; begin with short tosses, then work up to longer ones and more complicated games to teach fetch.

Tug of War

Playing tug of war with your Jack Russell Terrier is a great way to test both your dog’s strength and stamina. You should first use a strong rope toy to play. 

To keep Jack Russell Terriers from getting overly enthusiastic and acting out (by doing things like jerking or pulling), it’s important to first teach them to obey. 

Stop playing when they seem interested in going on, so that they’ll want to keep playing. 


Swimming is a great exercise for Jack Russell Terriers because it is a low-impact, easy-to-joint and full-body exercise option. When exercising by swimming, have a doggy life jacket for your dog and a monitored pool available, just in case.

Hide and Seek

Playing the mental game of hide and seek can assist Jack Russell Terriers by putting their natural instincts to work and allowing them to use their sense of scent. 

To play the game, you gather some treats and hide them around the home or yard, then encourage your dog to use his or her nose and be rewarded when he or she finds the treats. 

Encourage your dog to use his or her nose
Encourage your dog to use his or her nose

For ongoing interest, play the game numerous times, each time hiding the treats or toys in a new spot. Jack Russells are more likely to enjoy the game if you give them verbal hints and treats whenever they find something.


Treibball is a dog sport in Germany. It’s gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional herding activities.  This game can benefit Jack Russells in mental and physical health while satisfying their natural herding desire. To play: 

  • Introduce Jack Russells to Treibball balls and let them explore and sniff the balls to get used to them. 
  • Teach your Jack Russell how to push the ball: Encourage your dog to push balls using their nose or paws, using positive reinforcement like treats and praise.
  • Be patient as you and your dog work together to master the skills necessary to play the tough game of Treibball.

Provide Interactive Toys

Toys are crucial to keeping a Jack Russell Terrier’s mind active. Any toy can be a challenging and interesting experience. Chew toys aid Jack Russell dogs during teething and distract them from destructive chewing, while balls and tug toys for energy and play and puzzle games for a mental challenge. 

Because of their strong jaws, Jack Russells should only play with toys that can withstand a good bit of chewing, as fragile ones can cause mouth injuries if broken. Jack Russells are small breed dogs, so be careful when deciding what size toy to buy. Large toys can be challenging to play with, while smaller toys pose choking hazards.

Keep a few different toys around and switch them out every so often. This stops your Jack Russell Terrier from becoming bored with the same toys and keeps their interest piqued. To keep things fresh and exciting, you can always introduce new toys to the mix. 

Teach New Tricks and New Commands

Teaching Jack Russell Terriers commands makes them more obedient and easier to control because it gives both of you a way to talk about standards and goals. 

Basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “leave it” promote polite interactions with humans and animals.

On the other hand, Jack Russell Terriers are intelligent and enjoy learning. You should develop some personalized communication with your Jack Russell to make them happy and give them more to live for. 

Try to explore new tricks and commands here and there that give them more options for how to handle different scenarios and behaviors.

Setting Playdates and socializing 

Socialization is important for Jack Russell Terriers. Arrange playdates with other friendly and well-behaved dogs. This allows them to engage in interactive play, expend energy, and satisfy their social instincts. 

It’s best to begin when they’re young and to keep introducing them to new experiences on a regular basis.

Taking them to new places, including parks, streets, and pet stores. Treats and praise are great ways to show your Jack Russell how much you appreciate his cool demeanor in new situations.  

Arrange playdates with other friendly and well-behaved dogs
Arrange playdates with other friendly and well-behaved dogs

Consider signing up your Jack Russell for socialization classes, where they can meet and play with other puppies and dogs. 

Spend Quality Time Together

Beyond any other activities for your dog, Jack Russell Terriers thrive on human interaction and companionship. Set aside regular quality time for cuddling, grooming, and bonding activities. This strengthens your bond and ensures they feel loved and valued.

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